Friendship Award

The West Virginia Dairy Cattle Show is one of the highlights of the year for boys and girls interested in dairy cattle. It is a place to make new friends and to practice many of the 4-H ideals, especially the ideal of helping others.The Friendship Award is sponsored by the Dairy Show to the boy or girl who is the most friendly throughout the Dairy Show and is sponsored by the Jerry Bane Family

A. Any 4-H or FFA member participating in the WV Dairy Cattle Show.
B. A participant who has previously won the award will not be eligible.
C. County 4-H and FFA exhibitors at the Show will nominate a representative from their county to be considered for this award. Candidate names will be turned in at the Show Office by 5:00 p.m., Monday, August 15th.

A. A committee of three will serve to select the recipient.
B. Judges will be selected based on experiences in previous Dairy Shows.


1974 Melanie Rigdon Harrison County
1975 James Linton Berkeley County
1976 Charlene McWhorter Lewis County
1977 Michael Coffindaffer Harrison County
1978 Roxanne Cottrill Mason County
1979 Becky Rogers Harrison County
1980 Mark Burwell Monroe County
1981 Richard Linton Berkeley County
1982 Katrina Allman Harrison County
1983 Sarah Davis Berkeley County
1984 Annie Perkins Greenbrier County
1985 Donna Brooke Mineral County
1986 Harry Perkins, II Greenbrier County
1987 Jeremy Blain Mason County
1988 Patti King Jefferson County
1989 Debbie Clark Monroe County
1990 Birch Graves Monroe County
1991 John McCombs, Jr. Marshall County
1992 Brandi Sandy Harrison County
1993 Angie Billick Ohio County
1994 Amy Allman Harrison County
1995 Kimberly Fike Preston County
1996 Barbie Linton Berkeley County
1997 Jennifer Cronin Lewis County
1998 John Robert Reel Lewis County
1999 Deanna Cline Wood County
2000 Richard Bloomfield Ohio County
2001 Amber Ripley Ohio County
2002 Greg McCombs Marshall County
2003 Daniel Laing Berkeley County
2004 Matt McCombs Marshall County
2005 Patrick Parsons Wood County
2006 Charles A. Ware Berkeley County
2007 Ethan Bloomfield Ohio County
2008 Josh Rardin Mason County
2009 Whitney Henry Berkeley County
2010 Ashley Graham Wood County
2011 Ashley Graham Wood County
2012 Alice Linger
2013 Ben Hazlett Marshall County
2014 Kyle Clark Marshall County
2015  Aubrie Riggleman Lewis County
2016  Aubrey Rine Marshall County

Julie Snyder

Berkeley County