The Dairy Cattle Show was conceived in September 1937 at a State 4-H Dairy Cattle Show, which was held in conjunction with the County Life Jubilee at Jackson’s Mill. The first State Dairy Cattle Show was held in 1938 at which 126 head were exhibited by 56 breeders and 4-H club members. The original incorporators of the show were: V.V. Law, Jane Lew; G.P. Freeland, Mannington; B.M. Davisson, Jane Lew; G. Heebink, Morgantown; and Horner N. Campbell, Mannington. The show was incorporated on June 1, 1938. There were no shows held during the war years of 1942-1945. The Future Farmers first participated in 1947. The following have been President of the Dairy Cattle Show: V.V. Law (1938-1941); Z.W. Law (1946-1948); Robert N. Hurst (1949-1965); Harold Amick (1966); Edsel Gainer (1967-1968); Houston Booth (1969); Ted Nay (1970-1973); Pete Walker (1974-2005), and Jane Tabb (2005-present).

From the Show’s beginning in 1938 until February 1964, Mr. B.M. Davisson served as the Show’s Treasurer. Mr. Richard Cronin served from 1964 to 2009 and Mr. Tom McCombs since then. There have been several Secretaries of the Show: Ray Godley (1938-1942); I.N. Fetty (1946-1953); W.L. Northern (1954-1960 & 1965); Edsel Gainer (1961-1964); R.O. Kelley (1966-1973); J.R. Schabinger (1974-1977); Bob James (1979-1980); Ellen Jordan (1982-1990);  Bill Coffindaffer (1978, 1981 & 1991-1995; and Bruce Loyd (1996 to present). Mr. Ike Fetty served faithfully as the Show Manager for 31 years.